MADE IN CARCERE main goal is to “contaminate” economic and civil society, through the promotion and dissemination of our model of “regenerative economy”. An ethical business model, based on principles of regeneration and awareness of marginalized people, to protect the environmental impact and social inclusion, thus leading over time to a systemic change throughout the territory.

The protagonists of our dream are Women, Men and Minors in detention, or subjected to limitations of personal freedom, who therefore live in a condition of unease and marginality. We give them the opportunity to acquire technical and professional skills, so to be hired, receive a regular salary, but, above all, build awareness and regain a sense of dignity.
We try, by training and remunerating the work of prisoners, to build, demonstrate and validate a new model of “circular social economy”, that it is capable of self-sustaining itself in a regime of free competition, also supporting the environment through the recovery of inventories, fabric samples and textile material donated by companies, which becomes the raw material that would otherwise be destinated to textile landfills and incinerators.

ETHICS. The main purpose of Made in Carcere is to spread the philosophy of the “Second Opportunity” for prisoners and the concept of “Double Life” for fabrics. A message of hope, concreteness and solidarity, but also of freedom and respect for the environment.

AESTHETICS. Irony, simplicity and creativity are the characteristics that distinguish the products Made in Carcere. They are manufactured products born from the (re)use of sample and inventories fabrics, coming from Italian companies that believe in us and are particularly sensitive to social and environmental issues.

Luciana Delle Donne

Founder and CEO

Stefania Sabato

Lab Manager


Piero Pella

Special Projects

Maria Letizia De Vitis


Roberto Pella


Ilaria Palma

Production Manager