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Life in prison is, beyond all prejudices.

Enrica Massari

"At first, I was a bit timorous about my internship at “Made in Carcere”, but then, during my working experience there, I understood the need of female prisoners of having some contacts with the outside world and of recalling everyday normal life with us." Enrica Massari, a Law’s student at LUISS University, chose “Made in Carcere” among all the proposed activities of VolontariaMENTE’s project. Interested in the Prison Reform, last summer Enrica worked with the female inmates  of Lecce’s correctional facility for a month to get to know how life in prison is, beyond all prejudices.

Luciana Delle Donne, the mastermind behind “Made in Carcere”, entrusted her with the role of supervisor of the logistics and of Officina Creativa’s organization. Every day, Enrica was responsible for contacting the partners who provide “waste” fabrics and materials and for supervising the creation of handbags and accessories. "I learned that a good working method, a cohesive team, a strong leadership, able to respect different point of views, as well as enthusiasm, spirit of sacrifice and adaptability, are necessary tools to achieve career goals".



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