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The project was launched in 2012, thanks to the collaboration between some street operators of Venetian Municipality’s Anti-Trafficking Service and Luciana Delle Donne, founder of the brands "Made in Carcere" and "2nd chance".

Four women participating in a social protection program after having been victims of violence and serious exploitation were the protagonists of this program. They learnt how to sew working with the female inmates  of "Borgo San Nicola"’s correctional facility (Lecce), regularly employed at “Officina Creativa”. The project was put in place in the tailor’s workshops of the prison, where female inmates share with free women a passion: sewing the "Made in Italy".
These two organizations, the Municipality of Venice and the non-profit social cooperative “Officina Creativa” , which were already committed in marginalized women’s social reintegration, supported an extraordinary educational and social experience.
We like to think that this was a win-win project.
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