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  • Cotton mask
  • Bracelet with carabiner

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The kit consists of a cotton filter mask with 3 filters 18×9 cm + Bracelet with carabiner (can be used to hang it safely in the car).

Our colorful bracelets have an extra edge from today. Beautiful, gritty, expressing of a positive and useful message. The Bracelet Made in Carcere is enriched with a practical carabiner useful to place it safely and with maximum hygiene. The bracelet is used to hang the mask when it is not used, for example in the car or at home.

Buy in an elegant combination our masks and the bracelet with the carabiner matched.



WARNING: due to the fact that the product is made of several recycled fabrics it is likely that you will receivethe product with a different pattern from that of the photo. Like you, every product is unique! Given the philosophy of the project it’snot you that choose the objects, rather the objects that choose you.

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