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1 bikini and 24 ways to wear summer.

The Birikini is a disobedient bikini, which doesn’t follow the rules. It is a bottom-up swimsuit that can be used above and below and with 4 different color variations.

The Birikini makes happy who wants to change color constantly – each piece is unique and composed of 8 different colors or patterns. It is made for those who wants to be different every day and especially for those who want to be noticed.

The Birikini follows a mood instability – you can wear it according to “your feelings”. Take advantage of the variety of colors and the different ways in which it can be worn.

The Birikini is characterized by a creative force, every female inmate who produce it is no longer a simple seamstress but it has a creative responsibility for the color combinations. It is an artisanal product that requires time and care for the fabric’s choice.

The Birikini is made using lycra from different samples or stocked fabric given by companies sensitive to environmental and social inclusion issues. This approach allows the recovery of great quantities of raw material that would otherwise become a waste, guaranteeing a breath of air to the environment.

Together with the bikini you will have as gift a hair band, a pochette for the birikini and a bracelet!

WARNING: due to the nature of the creation made with various recycled fabrics, it is likely that you will receive a different pattern from the one in the photo on the site. Like you, every swimsuit is unique!



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